Welcome to The Pension Professionals

  “Let us work through the maze for you”

The Pension Professionals offer a range of services encompassing all aspects of Centrelink and Veteran’s Affairs.


 Our knowledge and experience are second to none

Our CEO has held positions with the Department of Social Security now known as Centrelink, mainly in the policy, and income and assets areas.


Our experts have over fifty years’ knowledge and expertise within Centrelink, having previously held senior positions.


All staff have firsthand knowledge on how the system works.


The Pension Professionals can provide a total service to you

We have advised and assisted over 10,000 clients (local, national and international) with their applications, entitlements, problems and issues.


Our knowledge and expertise encompasses all pension and allowance areas.


We also offer advice on Aged Care issues relating to Centrelink and DVA issues.


Each case has its individual circumstances and is handled in a respectful, caring and professional manner.


In the majority of cases, we attend Centrelink on your behalf.