The Pension Professionals offer a range of services encompassing all aspects of Centrelink and Veteran’s Affairs.


We have been utilising the services of  The Pension Professionals for close to 15 years.


Prior to that, we were utilising financial planners that often enough fumbled their way through the client’s affairs without fully understanding the issues & ramifications of their advice.


Too many times, this left us with disgruntled clients and so we needed to seek a better alternative.


Since meeting and dealing with Jim from The Pension Professionals, we now refer “all” our Centrelink issues to him, knowing that he has the experience and expertise to assist our clients.


Jim’s knowledge of Centrelink issues including but not limited to pension planning is exceptional and our clients are grateful and appreciative that we have referred them to someone that understands the legislation and its application to their circumstances.


Our willingness to refer our Centrelink matters to The Pension Professiionals, gives us an edge over our competitors who still try in vain to assist their clients in areas that they are just not equipped to handle.


Danny D’Astolto

Director – Vantage Tax & Business Services



Dear Jim,


We would like to express our appreciation to you and your team for your advices over the past 20 years and look forward to a long ongoing relationship.


During this time we have referred hundreds of clients to you and not one has ever complained to us about the advice and services you provided.


Our telephone calls have always been responded to promptly. You and your team have always been extremely courteous, understanding and helpful in resolving enquires regarding Centrelink matters for our clients.


It’s a relief to speak to someone who can answer your questions and/or provide advice on Centrelink matters that you can rely upon rather than hunt through volumes of paperwork or wait on the telephone for long periods of time only to be transferred to someone else.


On many occasions you have taken on our client’s battle and emerged triumphant. This is something that only someone with the knowledge and experience can do.


Thank you for a job well done and all your support.


Yours sincerely,


C. Dandanis